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Everyone is welcome at St. Catherine's.

We come to God, who comes to us in Jesus, and knows by experience what human life is like.

We come with our faith and with our doubts, we come with our hopes and with our fears.

We come as we are, because it is God who invites us to come, and God who promises to always welcome us home.

(Based on a prayer from The Pattern of Our Days: Worship in the Celtic Tradition from the Iona Community)

Our regular worship is Sunday at 8:30am.

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We are located at

2211 Prairie Ave.
Port Coquitlam
British Columbia, Canada.

Office phone:   604-942-9812


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St. Catherines, Anglican, Church, Port Coquitlam, worship, bible study, Godley Play, Share, Pauls Place, soup kitchen. book group,


St. Catherines, Anglican, Church, Port Coquitlam, worship, bible study, Godley Play, Share, Pauls Place, soup kitchen. book group,




Sunday 8:30 am Eucharist with Choir

Wednesday 10:00 am Morning Service



Hawthorne Care Centre:
10:00 am, second  Tuesday each month

Dufferin Care Centre:
11:00 am, third Monday each month

2:30 pm, third Monday each month


Bible Study


Our community keeps Christ at the center of all we do. Understanding one’s spirituality and learning to let God lead you where He wants you to be is a lifelong journey. Study, prayer, and the sharing of one’s faith are all part of our bible study sessions, which come in various forms throughout the year. Please call the office for program and times..   604 942-9812


Godly Play

Our church is a community of faith based people who believe it is important to nurture a child’s curiosity and understanding of their own spirituality. As children instinctively understand the presence of God, Godly Play helps them explore their faith through story and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play.



Community is about building relationships and sharing opinions and ideas. The Book Group gets together one evening a month from September to June to have a discussion about each book they read. Whether it be fact or fiction, a good read is always worthwhile.

Click for list of books and reading dates


Men’s Group

The men’s group gets together for breakfast once a month to socialize and occasionally organize or help out with a parish event.

Paul’s Place Community Kitchen

Outreach is an important part of community life at St. Catherine’s. If you were to appear at the church on a Wednesday, you would see a committed group of volunteers from the church and the surrounding area come together to facilitate Paul’s Place Community Kitchen. Serving a warm meal with a smile has helped many people in our community for many years and as a result the kitchen has grown. Others prepare coffee and hot chocolate for those who come to wait for the opening of the food bank, a satellite Share Food Bank out of Port Moody, which is held in the church at the same time as the soup kitchen.


We are located at the corner of Shaughnessy St. and Prairie Ave., North side, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.


Rev. Pat Ratcliffe

Office Secretary
Gail Shaw

Music Director
Kevin Wong

2018  Parish Council
Bishop's Warden:  Lei De Santis
People's Warden: Chris Longley
Treasurer:  Ardella McLaren
Vestry Clerk:  Catherine Barton
Envelope Secretary: Barb Foley
Synod Delegates: Jennifer Green
  Christine Stoll
Youth Synod Delegate:  Jeremiah Narayan
Alternate Synod Delegates:  Tony Sauder
  Arlene Sturn
  Annette Smith
Youth Alternate Synod Delegate: Logan Fulton
Members at Large: Bruce Middleton
   Barbara Massie
   Amy Williams